May 31, 2007

Boys Leave Your Wallets Home! Boyfriend Wanted! Must be dashingly handsome, sensitive, witty, and fun. Must also be able to reach things in high places, open tight jars, and fix most everything! Now all clichés aside, notice my boyfriend want want-ad doesn’t call for a man with a bulging wallet. When searching for a potential date, I ask “Is he fun to talk to? Is he cute? Does he shower regularly?” I almost never wonder, “Does he have a ton of cash?” He’s a man, not an ATM machine! However, I find that even in today’s modern society, girls all over the country expect men to shell out all kinds of cash on dates. Is it wrong if I feel the need to whip out my wallet and pay for my own hamburger and romantic comedy? I recently went to see a movie with a guy and the most awkward part of the date came when it was time to pay for the tickets. We both exchanged bills with the cashier: that was that. I was so relieved. There was no “Put your money away… I’ll get this one… No, really let me.” Thank God. Some women act like the sun won’t come out tomorrow after a man doesn’t insist on forking over the green for her chicken Caesar salad. Personally, I’d gladly pay for myself and my date if he’d have it. I once dated a guy who was in between jobs at the time. If I hadn’t been willing to fund our Friday nights out, we might have sat home and engaged in some enthralling games of Monopoly. And I know if the situation were flipped, he would happily treat me to a night out. So you see, I feel if one person is more financially able to pay for a date, more power to ‘em; whether it be he or she. Some might argue that men should pay because it’s been an age-old tradition forever and ever and ever; but hey, people thought the world was flat for the longest time, and we’ve made some realizations since then. Column writer, Glenn Sacks knows how it should be: Enough! The obligation of a man to pay can wound a budding relationship by placing money and one-sided expectations where love and honesty should be. In addition, its innate unfairness hinders the uneasy rapprochement men and women are currently negotiating after three decades of gender conflict. In the long run, abolishing this outmoded social convention will benefit both men and women. And what’s fair is fair. (Sacks) You tell them Glenn! Old habits die hard, I know, but it’s about time we make a change here. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no he-woman-man-hater. I enjoy the Cinderella story just as much as the next princess. I believe in chivalry and some form of courtship, but I don’t expect my knight in shining armor to wine me, dine me, and buy me diamonds. It seems like a lot of men feel like 24 carat gold...

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