August 21, 2009

Found Photo Stories I have an idea to try my hand at writing fiction... I'd like to start a collection of short stories based on found photographs. Found Photo Story #1: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thelma wears her pearl necklace everywhere– to the beach, on her way to the post office, and even while playing a game of tennis. These pearls are her most cherished memento left to her by her late mother. Wearing them makes Thelma feel connected to a mother she wishes she’d been closer to in life. So it’s not unusual on this occasion that Thelma’s pearls effortlessly waterfall down and around her neck. It is strange, however, that she is sporting the “Island Chef” apron that her husband Theo brought back for her from his business trip to Hawaii. She’s not known to make use of presents that she doesn’t fancy to be her style. Thelma in fact has a closet full of unwanted gifts that she hopes to one day re-gift to unsuspecting friends and family. In any case, tonight is a special night– Thelma wears the tacky apron to show Theo that she is proud of the promotion he received today at the advertising agency he works for. He’s hardworking, comes up with most of the greatest ideas, and receives zero credit for his efforts. However, as of today, he will make $40 more per week and he thinks this raise will help him sleep at night. The better half of Thelma’s day was spent making herself presentable for the evening’s dinner party. She had nails to polish, hair to curl, and an outfit to construct. Luckily, she was inclined to vacuum last Sunday before her French tutor came for their monthly lessons; and the tulips that Theo gave her for her birthday (a few days earlier) looked like they had just enough life in them to last through the party. Thelma had also managed to lovingly set the table a week prior in attempt to appear relaxed and prepared when her dinner guests arrived, however, upon realizing she had not a drop of lime juice to serve up their favorite gimlets, she had to run to the corner store (curlers in hair) to fetch some just in time to return and find the first guest waiting on her doorstep. Once hugs, kisses, hellos, and how-are-you’s are exchanged, Thelma encourages her friend to, “Help yourself to a cocktail and fix me one while you’re at it. I’ve just got to put dinner on the stove!” As the rest of the guests arrive, Thelma (still in curlers) shouts greetings at them from the smoke filled kitchen while juggling mini quiches and casseroles.

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